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23 Jun
June 23, 2012

Checkout the final stats for our race at

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  1. Suzanne Kalla says:

    Was there ever a verdict about the 70-74 record?
    Not that winning the 60-69 isn’t enough, right?

  2. alden says:

    amazing on so many levels – including beating almost exactly half of the under 50 teams. it begs the question, if grit is what it takes, who needs testosterone?

  3. Dick Goodyear says:

    Don Miguel and you other U4H’ers –

    Congratulations on a record well shattered, and a monumental achievement! I was a cyclist once, and if I could get myself going at 19 mph and keep it up on a windless day for 20 minutes on the flat, I thought I’d accomplished something.

    Trying to put in perspective what you achieved with your 19 mph, I think back to the day when, as a runner half a lifetime ago, I timed myself sprinting around a quarter-mile track. Figuring it out later, I realized that my pace was slower than that of Bill Rodgers in the Boston Marathon the year before (1975), running roughly 110 times further than the distance of my pitiful little sprint.

    Do the math. On average, each of you sustained a pace of 19 mph, very decidedly not on windless days or on the flat, over 750 miles. That’s roughly 120 times the distance that, quite a while ago, I might be able to manage if I sprinted. From my own little vantage point, then, Bill Rodgers has nothing on you. And, with your record, nobody else does either.

    Congratulations again,

    Dick Goodyear

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